By: Taylor Easton

Headed to a competition this season? The latest issue of American Cheerleader magazine has the perfect survival guide for any competition, featuring tips from top coaches around the country, and the best looks to keep your team at the fashion forefront.

Buses and planes are notoriously chilly whenever you are traveling, so why not keep your cheerleaders or dancers warm and ready for competition in the latest competition travel gear? Varsity Spirit Fashion’s pullovers are completely customizable in your schools colors, and you can even add lettering to stand out from the crowd. Your cheerleaders and dancers will love how comfortable they are on those long trips. Not only will you be beat the chilly weather in the most fashionable way possible, you’ll also promote team unity while traveling as a group!

When on the road for a competition, complete your travel look with matching bags! These bags are easily identifiable when waiting at baggage claim in the airport. They also make your life stress-free when passing them out at the hotel with names personalized on top.

For more competition looks and inside tips from veteran coaches, check out the winter issue of American Cheerleader Magazine. Contact your Varsity Rep today to order your custom pullovers, travel bags, and more competition essentials!