Power Up your season with Varsity’s exclusive – Powerfit. Take your team’s favorite style, whether it’s traditional or glitzy and bring your team the flex and feel you need to perform your best. All Varsity shell tops and skirts are available in Powerfit fabric. Not only is this material super-soft and flexible, but Powerfit also features our exclusive new ultra flex braid. This fabric is made for comfort, engineered to perform, and it’s just what you want in a uniform. Game after game, season after season, this is the next big thing in uniforms.

Still not sure what sets Powerfit apart from the rest? This fabric features Visa moisture management technology which wicks moisture from skin to evaporate quickly. It is also engineered to resist and release stains! With antimicrobial technology, this material helps inhibit growth of bacteria to control odor, discoloration, staining, and degradation. This uniform will be there for you year after year.

Available in all of your favorite Varsity colors and metallics, this uniform includes a four-way stretch giving your cheerleaders and dancers greater comfort and better performances. The flexible fabric AND flexible braid are a dynamic duo that are sure to be a gamechanger for your team this season.

Want to learn more? Contact your local Varsity rep today to get a chance to FEEL the difference.

Are you ready to make your power move?