Today, I sat down with Stephanie Bennett, the mastermind behind the Varsity Shop products!

She comes up with all of your favorite sweats, tees, bags, hoodies, the infamous neon half zip jacket, and so much more! When you shop at Varsity summer camp stores and national stores, as well as online, this is the woman behind everything you are so excited to purchase there! #DreamJobRight?!?

Anyway, I could brag about this gorgeous girl all day, but I’ll let the interview speak for itself 🙂

Lacey: What is your title here at Varsity?

Stephanie: Product Development Manager
Lacey: Tell us a little bit about what you are responsible for in your job position.

Stephanie: Overall, I am responsible for developing the merchandise to be sold at the competition and summer camp stores.
Lacey: What is a typical day like for you?

Stephanie: A typical day for me would be creating new product ideas and interacting with my vendors to figure out the best way to develop the new product.
Lacey: What is your favorite part about your job?

Stephanie: My favorite part is when I am walking through the mall or just anywhere outside of the office, and seeing a young girl wearing the merchandise I developed. It just makes all the hard work feel worth every second!
Lacey: Why do you love working for VSF?

Stephanie: I love the excitement from the customers when they see the new product and knowing that what we do here at VSF has such an amazing impact on others.

Lacey: What made you want to be in the design/fashion industry?

Stephanie: I studied Fashion Merchandising in college and I’ve always known I wanted to do something in this field, I just wasn’t sure what exactly. I feel very lucky to be able to put my passion and college education into my career.

Lacey: What is your favorite trend for 2012?

Stephanie: I am completely in love with everything neon!
Lacey: Where do you get your inspiration for the things you develop?

Stephanie: I try to really keep a close eye on the market and new trends and come up with ways to incorporate that with what we do here at Varsity.
Lacey: What kind of trends will we see at summer camp/nationals this year?

Stephanie: You will see a lot of big loose tanks and new neon colors, which we are so excited about!

Lacey: What are you currently working on?

Stephanie: Right now, I am working on the 2012 Summer Camp Product Line and so excited about all the new things in it!


Let’s take a little behind the scenes peek at what a day in the life of Stephanie Bennett looks like…



Her rack of inspiration and new products hitting the Varsity Shop!

She’s workin’ hard for the money!

Stephanie & I going over the collection she created for Road to Nationals and Holiday

Directing a photo shoot for her product

Well, there you have it….a day in the life of our fabulous product developer!!