I don’t know about where you live, but around here, things are finally starting to feel like Fall outside. The weather is starting to cool down and I am putting away the summer gear in order to break out my boots, scarves, and long sleeve tees.

As a cheerleader, I would do the same things… Start breakin’ out the Fall gear and outerwear! Not to mention Fall is my FAV season because you have so many more options to choose from. #bringonthefall

I broke down some of my favorite long sleeve tees, sweats, jackets and polos – all of which have your favorite customizable option and others you can even purchase today!

I even threw in my fav spirited glove. 😉 Can you guess what that would be?

Check ’em out…

Ok, not to be biased on this whole outerwear montage, but this 1st Jersey Tee is one of my favorites with its classic, almost retro design. You can also get this one customized or buy blank. #mighthaveitroyalblue #retroobsessed #cheerleaderforlife

I am completely obsessed with this color blue, even in my personal wardrobe… HUGE color for fall this season!

Love having a long sleeve polo option, because a collar is always appropriate for school, community event, or fundraiser. 🙂

I want to snuggle up in this comfy sweat asap! #spiritedsweatandilikeit

Next up is FLEEEEEECE!!!!!!!!! Jackets are always the finishing touch to your look, and with accent panels and lettering options, you can make it as SPIRITED as you want. #spiritaway

Notice anything in this next pic? hint: SPIRITED FINGER WARMERS! 😉 #wasthattoomuch? Nah!

Now that you have some warm and spirited options, get to layering and bundling! 😉

Send us pics of your favorite piece of Spirited Outerwear!

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