I just realized I must have a thing for A-line this season… First, it was A-line skirt, and now I am obsessing over A-line dance dresses! Every time I turn a page in the 2012 catalog, BOOM, my eyeballs attach to the A-line! #HelpI’veFallenIntoA-LineAndICantGetOut

They are such an adorable ensemble with fashion forward features, and this season there are a ton of new A-line dress options that will have heads spinning this year. You will see some new athletic mesh with cotton lycra yoke, dazzle insets, hem panel and tons of lettering options.

They are even great without lettering as well, and the options for the back = perfection! I’m completely in heart with these pages in the catalog.

Take a peak at some of the new styles and some of my fav A-line dresses of 2012…

Below is a new style and is front lined to the waist with an AWESOME “almost halter” back with a keyhole accent… Told you that you would see some innovative back designs..

Another one of my favorite back designs is below… The front already has your attention in its cuteness, then she turns around, and BOOM, cuteness again! #WorkThatA-Line

Now this getup I kiiiiiind of want for myself, to slap on for my favorite football team and then hit the stadium! #Don’tJudge #CheerleaderForLife.  I’m in love with this new 2012 athletic mesh style with cotton lycra yoke, insets and hem panels!


Remember, how I mentioned they are even awesome without lettering…. Here is proof!

Another amazing new athletic design! This classic dress is constructed of mesh and Dazzle insets!

What is your favorite A-line design?