Ok peeps! This is Get Equipped PART 2!!! Brace yourself!

So next up in our toolbox is, (I think), the most important tool: Shoes!

These little gems determine everything. You get the wrong pair of shoes + a blister + slippery soles + no good grips = cheer disaster.

When you are stunting, tumbling or cheering your little heart out, you DO NOT have time to stress over your feet, which are essential to your game! Think about it, your feet are very busy little guys… They must kick at the right height, jump on demand, flip, twist, tumble and stunt! If you don’t have good shoes, you can forget about it.  #epicfail

Which is why, for this important piece of equipment, I jotted down a few notes about 3 different types of cheerleading shoes.

Consider these, um, your player’s notes, instruction manual, handbook……You get the point.

First up…

Next up… (are you taking notes.. wink..wink)

Don’t ya just love note taking 😉

So please please please take care of those tootsies because the sidelines, fans, school team, and competition mats need you to be at your best!

Send us pics of your favorite piece of equipment!

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