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On Trend: MotionFLEX

Now, I realize MotionFLEX is not a new trend, but it is an emerging one and is constantly being developed into some of the most innovative and athletic designs I have ever seen! #BringOnTheMotion MotionFLEX is ULTRA soft and lightweight, wicks moisture to keep you cool, available in team colors, metallic and prints. #FlexItWickItColorIt I, personally, love this style because it has a more athletic [...]

On Trend: Dye Sublimation

Dye-sub, dye-sub, dye-sub, oh how I love the dye -sub!!!! With all the new fabulous trends for this year, I was super conflicted on what to spotlight first...But dye sublimation won me over! I am sure some of you remember when I jazzed on and on about sublimation last year, but, just in case that post slipped past you ;) let me catch you up [...]

Sneak Peek of New Trends for 2012

It is a brand new year, and I don't know about you, but the new year in my mind = new fashion trends!!!!! #fashionobsessed. In our world of cheerleading and dance, a MUCH anticipated event is the moment the annual Varsity Spirit Fashion Catalog big reveal, due to the new trends everyone is able to finally see for the new year. This year, you guys [...]

Behind The Scenes: VSF Fashion Show

The fashion show is over and what did I tell you?? AMAZE! I could NOT believe how completely awesome the show was...Varsity Sales Reps eagerly lined up at the door and as everyone took their seats, the energy in the room was overwhelming! I snuck backstage to see how all the runway models were doing and feeling... They could not have been more pumped up [...]

Behind The Scenes: VSF Fashion Show Rehearsal

  Today is the BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Varsity Spirit Fashion Show is coming to you live in t-minus a few hours! #pumped You guys will be the first ever audience to see the new 2012 VSF Catalog styles LIVE alongside our Varsity Sales Reps... Pretty cool that you guys all get the first look at the same time! Last night, I sat in to watch the [...]

We Heart Our Varsity Spirit Fashions Sales Reps!

This week is our annual Varsity Spirit Fashions Sales Conference! This morning, Varsity Reps from around the country flew in to Orlando, FL to check out all the latest trends, styles, and all that is new in cheerleading and dance for 2012. I thought you should see some of their shining faces since you will be joining them later tonight for the big VSF Fashion [...]

Spotted: VSF on the Competition Mats

This past weekend my co-worker, Kristin, and I hit up the mats to see what VSF designs you were rockin' this season. One of the biggest trends we saw was a huge increase in MotionFlex uniforms #lovingit #topfavtrends. Check out some of the cute faces and squads we came across... Briarcrest Christian School, Memphis, TN. Collierville High School Coed, Collierville , TN. Blackman High School, [...]

On Trend: Competition Bodyliners

I am just oozing competition, competition, competition this month! Competition season has officially kicked off, and I am eager to see how squads have re-vamped their uniform for the mats. I have talked about the necessary equipment, but I also wanted to highlight the item that almost all teams add to compete... The Bodyliner. You may remember my previous post about the new 2011 bodyliner [...]

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