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On the Ninth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me…

...Varsity Spirit I and a Low Cut Footie! You'll be dancing alongside those nine ladies in today's giveaway prize! On this ninth day of cheer, we're giving away the Varsity Spirit I Shoe and the Low Cut Footies, making today's prize worth over $70! No, this is not a joke. We are seriously giving you all this for absolutely no cost at all. FOR FREE! [...]

On the Sixth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me… ear warmer and gloves, so I don't freeze! Well there's no denying it, winter is HERE and the cold won't be letting up any time soon! So instead of giving you 6 geese laying eggs, we figured we'd give away something you could really use! We'll go ahead and call today's giveaway your Cold Weather Essentials! Sure to be your be your trusty companions [...]

On the Fourth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me…

...a red Cheer Anklet, and a Zebra Sock that went up to my knee! We don't know about you, but we sure are glad we're not giving away 4 MORE birds! Who has room for 10 birds anyways? Just imagine the yapping, flapping, and little NOT so little messes...OH, the horror! These super stylish and super comfy socks, on the other hand, take up little [...]

On the Third Day of Giveaways, Varsity Shop Gave to Me…

Cheer Rain Boots & Argyle Socks for free… Three French hens can’t inspire an “ooh la la” like this prize package featuring these charming cheer-themed rain boots and knee-high argyle socks. Since we covered the advantages of cozy foot gear over foul yesterday, let us add that today’s giveaway will also protect your tootsies from the cold wet snow (or rain) as you venture out [...]

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