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Varsity Fashion Lovers Unite – Fanatic Friday Giveaway!

That's right, it's time to unite with your fellow Varsity fashion lovers! Let's face it, you always want more of a good thing. Here at the Varsity Sideline, we agree! That's why we have been busy writing, researching, reworking and revitalizing our fashion blog...with you in mind. We love fashion just like you do. Especially when it comes to cheer and dance! We want you [...]

Bring Home the Varsity Camp Experience!

Step 1-2, down 3-4, turn 5-6, Clap 7-8! Sound familiar? It’s camp time! Be sure to check out all of the UCA, UDA, NCA and NDA 2012 camp mixes on the Varsity Shop! Our camp curriculum is built around the hottest trends in cheer and dance. From crowd appeal to various levels of difficulty and styles, our mixes are bound to get your stands rocking! [...]

Smile, Sparkle, Shine

Are you looking for new ways to get your crowd on their feet? How about a new set of poms? Poms are a great way to create a visual for your fans to follow. Whether you are flashing your colors, or leading a fight song, poms grab attention and can be seen from afar. Lawrence Herkimer, the grandaddy of cheerleading, created this mainstay back in [...]

Stay Cool This Summer!

Summertime cheer training presents its own set of seasonal challenges! It’s hot, sticky, and downright blazing! Before you and your teammates go up in flames, check out our practice wear solutions. The Varsity Short comes in 10 plus color combos. Beat the heat by avoiding sweaty layering with the built-in brief design. The lightweight, conservative cut built-in brief will give you the coverage you need [...]

Campwear, Campwear, and MORE Campwear!

Well, it's that time of year!  The school cheer season is winding down, and cheerleaders and dancers are finally getting a slight breather before tryouts begin and the whole cycle starts all over again! So what does that mean we are preparing for here at Varsity?  SUMMER CAMP, of course!!  With your coaches signing your team up for a Varsity camp this time of year, [...]

It’s a Mid-March Markdown Sale!

Just in case you haven't heard the news, I wanted to share it with you immediately!  The Varsity Shop is having yet another FLASH sale!  And it is going on RIGHT NOW!! Their "Mid-March Markdowns" include just a few items for over 50% off!  There are fun tanks and tees, shorts, socks, and even a jacket.  In fact, I will probably stock up on the [...]

Varsity Colors – What’s Your Color?

So, I have an announcement... Varsity has done it again! Introducing Varsity Colors, a new line of Varsity products in team colors!  By revamping some favorites from the Varsity Spirit Fashion catalog, we've made it possible for anybody who loves their team, to show their support! Check it out... there are tons of options for the varsity team's fan! Mom, dads, grandparents, teammates, friends, teachers...whoever you [...]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

SALE ALERT PEOPLE! Okay, sorry for the yelling, but this time of year is when you can score the BEST sales in fall/winter items, so I get a little pumped up when the words SALE start flashing! #Sale=ShopTime The VShop is flashing their New Year's Sale as we speak! #shopshopshopshop Summer camp items, hoodies, shorts and bags are all on a clearance right now.  I [...]

On Trend: Dye Sublimation

Dye-sub, dye-sub, dye-sub, oh how I love the dye -sub!!!! With all the new fabulous trends for this year, I was super conflicted on what to spotlight first...But dye sublimation won me over! I am sure some of you remember when I jazzed on and on about sublimation last year, but, just in case that post slipped past you ;) let me catch you up [...]

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