Well, we’ve survived the crazy snowstorms and cold weather, and the sunshine and warm weather is arriving just in time! That’s right, my fellow Vitamin D lovers, it’s time to break out the shorts and tanks. I, myself, may or may not be crying of happiness for my ghostly pale arms and legs to see the sunlight again. It’s time to get you dressed to impress, and Varsity Shop has the perfect items to bring a splash of spring color to practice!

Our top favorite new colors are Peacock Blue and Neon Yellow, and we’re sending you a bright burst of color with our new Bright Multi patterned Spirit Shorts. Oh, and did I mention this pattern also is available in MotionFLEX? Not only does neon make your skin look bronze and sunkissed, but this crazy design is bound to turn some heads as you perform or practice.

Another popular look for spring is adding a little spice to your favorite pastel colors. Peacock blue chevron with mint green accents is a great look, and there are tons of cute tee and tank options to match these shorts up with for a fun day in the sun.

From practice to camp, these patterned Spirit Shorts are going to be the must-have in your cheer bag this spring, so stay ahead of the curve with some help from the Varsity Shop. Check out these super cute Spirit Shorts today!