You never get a second chance at making a first impression, and tryouts will be your first chance to show your talent, spirit, and style this season. As you work hard and perfect your skills leading up to tryouts, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. Depending on what type of team you’re trying out for, your tryout attire might have different requirements. Luckily, you can find the perfect look for cheerleaders and dancers of all ages all in one place – the Varsity Shop. Here’s what I’ve put together for your 2014 Varsity Shop Tryout Trio to help piece together your perfect tryout ensemble. With these items, picking out your new outfits will be as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

How to get these looks:

Style One: Put your heart out on the line with these new Cheer Neon Heart Loose Tanks. How fun is this look?! Pull the whole look together with the Squiggles bow and multi-colored shorts for a bright first impression. My favorite thing about neon is that it always makes me look tan, but really there are tons of other reasons you’ll love neon when it helps you stand out when it counts. Pull this look together with a little hair poof and slick high ponytail to show off that fabulous smile and those beautiful cheek bones. Be careful not to overpower this look with too much make-up, but feel free to add some blush and mascara to catch everyone’s eye!

(Featured Items: Cheer Neon Heart Loose Tank/$15.95, Bright Multi Printed Spirit Short/$23.95, Squiggles Bow/$8.95)

Style Two: “All you need is cheer.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. This comfy tee is a cute look for tryouts paired up with some fun polka dot shorts. Add in the new In-Circles Bow for an extra pop of color. Blue means loyalty, which makes it a fantastic color to wear to try out for your team. Varsity’s new Peacock Blue, however, is all about showing your true unique colors, so embrace this shade of blue and own your tryout performance. Keep it simple with this look and switch up your hair with my personal favorite cheer hair look, the side-swoop half-up hair-do. Part your hair to the side and pull your hair half-up/half-down and show off those lovely locks. If you need a more controlled hair-style, try adding some loose curl and hairspray.

(Featured Items: All You Need is Cheer Peacock Blue Tee/$13.95, Printed Short/$23.95, In-Circles Bow/$8.95)

Style Three: Get your Chevr-On, ladies! (See what I did there?!) With the 2014’s new trend of chevron sweeping the hallways at school, why not add it to your sideline style too? Start with this cute hot green tank, and let your style and skills do the talking! You’ll shine in this bright shade of green and excite the crowd with the chevron accents throughout the ensemble. These chevron printed shorts will be the perfect, versatile addition to your practice and camp wardrobe as well. And seriously, the new Chevron and Dot Bow is too cute to handle. Finish your tryout week strong with a slick collegiate high ponytail and a pretty red shade of lipstick to draw attention to your smile!

(Featured Items: Cheer Chevron Hot Green Loose Tank/$15.95, Printed Spirit Short/$23.95, Chevron and Dot Bow/$8.95)

Extra Tip: If this is your first year cheerleading, a great sideline shoe to wear is the Varsity Touchdown. This shoe is available in the Varsity Shop, and it is the perfect shoe to help your performance no matter the surface.

So what are you waiting for, sideline stylists? Get out there and make tryouts your runway!