Instagram, or it didn’t happen. As more and more teams are taking their jobs as school and gym ambassadors to social media, I only think it’s fair that your teams get the inside scoop on how to look your best when you post! Posting a team photo or video of skills is so much fun, so why not have the perfect post? Here are some tips on getting ready for team pictures.

  • Sleeve check!
    When you’re getting your hair or makeup ready for pictures, make sure you put your uniform top on first. Then you don’t even have to worry about squashing down your pouf or pretty curls. If you apply face makeup or hairspray, be sure to put a towel around your neck to protect the neckline of your top. Cuff your sleeves before applying makeup, and wash your hands when you’re ready to keep the wrists of your uniform smudge-free. Don’t forget to roll back down your sleeves before pictures.
  • Makeup check!
    When preparing the perfect sideline look, always remember to go for a natural look. A confident smile is a cheerleader’s best accessory (besides maybe metallic poms – we’re obsessed). Have your coach pick out one good naturally deep red lipstick, then have everyone apply it with separate q-tips. (Sharing is caring – until it comes to lipstick and food. Never forget that.) Apply a natural shade of eyeshadow, waterproof mascara and a little bit of liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner doesn’t smudge and is easy to touch up, so you’ll be set all day long!
  • Sock & Shoe check!
    Seriously, don’t be that girl. Wear the right socks. Wear your correct shoes.
  • Hair Check!
    It always looks better when teams coordinate their hairstyles to be as clean and pulled back as possible. Feel free to be as fancy as Iggy Azalea with your team hair style, but make sure you lock up any “wispy” hair or longer bangs with bobby pins and hairspray, so the people watching can see your pretty face! Make sure your bow has its tails facing the back to keep it secure and out of your way.
  • Accessories Check!
    Before any event or photo, check for any accessories you need to put away. Small stud earrings need to be uniform for pictures, so if not everyone has the same pair, then nobody needs to wear them. **Reminder – Jewelry is not allowed during practice or games** Make sure to remove any other accessories, such as ponytail holders, rings, bracelets, necklaces…etc. The cleaner the look, the sharper the team.
  • Posture Check!
    Whether you prefer to keep your hand on your hip or have your arms by your side, make sure you’re standing up straight to show off your pretty uniform, and be sure that your opposite in the picture is doing the same. Keep your chin up and smile with your teeth.
  • Uniform Check!
    Before team pictures, look around and make sure everyone has their bodyliner zipped up and their sleeves rolled down. Want to be super prepared? Bring a stain remover pen, and be the hero who keeps her friends looking #NoFilter Fabulous! Now all you have to do is think of the perfect caption.


Make the Sideline Your Runway.