By: Ryan Martin

Now that fall sports are in full swing, it’s the duty of your cheerleading squad to rally your schoolmates and pep them up with school spirit! From the new freshmen to the science teachers, pep rallies are the perfect tool to get the entire school involved in the excitement of the upcoming sporting event. Here are a few tips that are sure to make your rally the peppiest one yet!


  • Get together with your coaches and teammates to plan the rally. Pick a theme, then plan your signs, cheers and activities around it.
  • After picking your theme, make sure you check with your administration.
  • Make posters to hang up around your school to inform everyone about the upcoming pep rally.

During the Day:

  • Pep rallies don’t have to begin and end in the gym. Wear your school colors on the day of the pep rally. If all of the cheerleaders are wearing the same outfit to school, it will remind students and faculty members about the pep rally that afternoon. Check out the Varsity Shop to get your squad’s pep rally look!
  • Try adding games throughout the day to create excitement and involve the student body. For example, have all of the cheerleaders wear a necklace to school and they can’t talk for the whole day! If a student makes them talk, they get to take their necklace and pie them in the face at the pep rally. If the cheerleader makes it through the whole day, they get to pie someone in the face.

During the Rally:

  • Kick off the pep rally with a performance from the cheerleaders and dancers that incorporates your theme! This is the first thing your student body will see, so add some exciting stunts, tumbling and baskets to get them on their feet.
  • Use signs, poms and megs to create a competition between the classes. See which class can stand up and yell “D-O-G-S” the loudest!
  • Play a Minute to Win it game with students vs. faculty. Give each contestant 3 balloons and see who can keep them all in the air for the whole minute.

After the pep rally, your schoolmates, teachers and sports teams will be fired up and ready to bring home the VICTORY!

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