With a new season coming up, the last thing you want to do at tryouts is fade into the background. This is your chance to make a great first impression for the coaches and to set the standard for style for the new team. Here are some ways to spice up your sideline style and look ready for gametime.

  1. Be bold in bright neon!
    Don’t be afraid to shine out with a little neon flair in your outfit. Keep your top a tame white or black, and use neon accent pieces like a bow or patterned MotionFLEX shorts to turn heads! Be careful with patterns though. The key to a clean tryout look is to not wear something that will distract anyone from the person wearing it! If you wear a bright bow, remember to pull your hair back and out of your face so that the coaches can see the spirit in your eyes and the smile on your face!
  2. Bring the essentials & bring extras!
    Make a packing list for each day of tryouts if you’re trying out right after school. There’s no worse fear to make you frazzled than forgetting something like socks, shoes, or briefs. Make sure you’re prepared, double-prepared, and triple-prepared. If you need back-ups, don’t forget that you can order some quickly from the Varsity Shop. The week before tryouts, lay out each of your outfits with coordinating essentials to make sure you’re organized ready to go.
  3. Put your best foot forward with the right shoes!
    With stunts, tumbling, cheers, and dances, there is a lot of footwork involved in tryouts. If you don’t have the proper shoes, you may not be able to perform your skills to your highest potential. Whether you need the perfect sideline shoe or competition shoe, there are plenty of options to get you ready for some fancy footwork.

Remember, the best accessories to bring to tryouts are your smile, spirit, and style. Own your performance and keep your chin up with confidence. This is your time to shine, so don’t be afraid to make tryouts your runway! Best wishes!