A wild Zebra Anklet, and socks that went up to my knee…

Zebra Print Sock SetWe say turtle doves are overrated as a holiday gift. With all that cooing, flapping and (ahem) mess, they can be quite the high maintenance pet. These lovely zebra print socks, on the other hand, will keep your toes toasty warm in style, no training required. Better yet, when you’re done wearing them, you can just throw them in the clothes hamper. See? And we’ll bet you never before considered socks as your next cuddly little companions.

Our Zebra Print Sock Prize Pack includes one pair of our Zebra Tube Socks, and one pair of our Zebra Anklets. The anklet features a festive red toe, heel and top. Perfect for jazzing up your outfit!

If you joined us yesterday, you know the drill. If not, just visit our helpful little Punchtab box below. It will walk you through all the ways to enter and takes about as long as a turtle dove’s coo.

And, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our next giveaway! Trust us; you’re going to love it. If you just can’t take the anticipation, here’s a hint: You save it for a rainy day. Go ahead, go to shop.varsity.com and try to find the prize!