Some cheer for my hair and a tee…

Cheerleaders are known for spreading …well…cheer, and this time of year is no exception. Another thing that cheerleaders love to do is accessorize! That’s why we’re giving away the perfect ensemble for your cheer-spreading mission: our Confetti Long Sleeve Baseball Tee & Design Weaver Accessory.

The soft cotton blend shirt features “Spread a Little Cheer” lettering in red. To complete the look, spice up those boring braids and ponytails by twisting some pizazz through your locks! The 42″ tulle hair ribbons include a design weaver tool to help thread the fabric through any hairstyle.

And, you guessed it! To enter, visit our helpful little Punchtab box below. It will walk you through all the entries.



Hmm, what should we give away tomorrow? Maybe something to add some sparkle in your locks and on your frocks? Go ahead, look around and try to guess!