Baby, it’s Cold Outside!  From Instagram to Facebook, I‘m fairly certain that every single person I know has posted a #SnowDay photo or complaint status in the past 24 hours about this cold winter weather. Unless you’re from sunny Florida, you’re probably sitting at your computer like I am right now, shivering and daydreaming about summertime.

Well, have no fear this season because we’re turning up the heat. If we’re going to bundle up, let’s send our baggy windbreakers back to the 1980s where they belong and pick up a trendy Polar Fleece Vest or Warm-Up! (This advice is coming sincerely from a girl who was alarmingly petite in high school and had to wear an old-school oversized baggy blue windsuit. I was always…I mean ‘She was always’ constantly reminded that she looked like a Smurf.) Coaches, keep your team fashion-forward and most importantly warm in Varsity Polar Fleece.

Featured on the Varsity Shop, our Polar Fleece Vest has been the must-have item for winter. Cozy and perfectly paired up with a long-sleeve tee, your team can rock the hallways on basketball gamedays.

Want to add some customization? Order a polar fleece jacket from your local Varsity Rep with words, mascots, or whatever your little heart desires on the front or back! After all, why be selfish when you can help your entire team look great?

Enjoy the snow, but don’t sacrifice looks for comfort. Look toasty & trendy in Varsity Polar Fleece!