Yep, you heard it here… VSF’s next top model catalog search is on the hunt for fresh faces to represent our brand in the 2012 Varsity Spirit Fashion’s Catalog!

It’s a pretty awesome gig where you get your hair/makeup done by a pro (winning!), your picture taken in a professional studio, AND see/wear the latest 2012 styles.. um winning again!

To give you an inside scoop of what it takes to be a new face I interviewed, Jessica Robinson, 18yrs old, who has been modeling with VSF for 4yrs.

Q.  What do you love most about modeling with Varsity?
 A. Meeting everyone that’s involved in the industry. I am going to school for fashion design/merchandising so it’s great to get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes.
Q. What was your experience like modeling for the VSF Catalog?
A. AMAZING. I had never modeled before so I was extremely nervous. As soon as I arrived on set the photographer and everyone working really made you feel comfortable. They were always encouraging and made the experience unlike any other.
Q. Why do you love the Varsity brand?
A. It’s given me the best opportunities throughout high school. Modeling for the catalog was just the start of my involvement with Varsity. Since the shoot in Dallas, I have been chosen as one of their featured dancers for the website, an intern as a Varsity It-Girl, and I have done several other local shoots in Memphis.
Q. What is your favorite part of a photo shoot?
A. Getting my make up done. I always play around with make up, so having a professional do it is always fun!
Q. What is your favorite memory from a Varsity photo shoot?
A.  My favorite memory would have to be meeting all the other girls. We have all kept in touch and it’s really great to see where Varsity has brought us throughout the years.
Q. What advice do you have for other girls wanting to model for Varsity?
A. Be honest with your application. If you do get picked for the shoot, go in there with the best attitude and be confident. You have to remember they picked you for a reason and it is an honor to represent such an amazing brand.
Here is a glimpse of Jessica’s work with the VSF catalog and our online shop site…



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