Summertime cheer training presents its own set of seasonal challenges! It’s hot, sticky, and downright blazing! Before you and your teammates go up in flames, check out our practice wear solutions.

The Varsity Short comes in 10 plus color combos. Beat the heat by avoiding sweaty layering with the built-in brief design. The lightweight, conservative cut built-in brief will give you the coverage you need without the layers you don’t. From fashion colors and prints to traditional school hues, the Varsity Short is a must have this summer season!

Varsity Short – Pick your Colors!

A big fan of the boy cut brief? The Cheer Biker Short is a perfect blend of comfort and style, with a white built-in boy cut brief. This trendy little gem also has a hidden treasure. Fold down the waist band to expose the word CHEER with the Varsity logo!

No matter what, always remember – Cheerleaders don’t sweat…they SPARKLE! Let Varsity help you shine!

How is your team going to beat the heat this summer? Popsicles? Poolside? Tell us about it.