It is a brand new year, and I don’t know about you, but the new year in my mind = new fashion trends!!!!! #fashionobsessed.

In our world of cheerleading and dance, a MUCH anticipated event is the moment the annual Varsity Spirit Fashion Catalog big reveal, due to the new trends everyone is able to finally see for the new year. This year, you guys got to join in on that excitement with our LIVE VSF Fashion Show!

Even though you got to see the new trends LIVE on the runway, at our National Sales Conference, I took a few snaps of some of my favorite trend highlights for 2012.

Some of the hot, new trends you will see more of this season are: retro and traditional styles with modern twists, athletic looks with MotionFLEX, combined with MotionFLEX mesh, and  sublimation. #GettingPumpedUpYet?

Summer Rogers, a VSF designer, told us that the hot, new fabric to watch out for is brushed MotionFLEX, which has the athletic fit you heart, combined with the warmth and softness of a fleece sweater… Um, can you say awesome?!?!?

The piece our designers are personally most excited about is, the retro-inspired, pleated, A-line skirt! I think it is pure genius, and puts a fashion forward twist on a retro classic. You can never go wrong with the clean and classic retro looks. #DidIMentionIWasRetroObsessed

The 2012 campwear trends have a touch of even more awesomeness this year with new, bright and bold neon hues, and fingerprint patterns in your favorite wind shorts, loose tanks for cheer and dance, 2 color printed fabric AND 2 color vinyl transfers. #AreYouPlacingYourOrdersYet #2012CouldNotGetAnyBetter #NeonNeonNeonNeon

Okay, enough chatter, check out some of my behind the scenes shots of a few of the new styles!



Okay, I have to comment on my FAV 2012 uniform. Check out below, the new skirt that is pleated in the front and A-line in the back… I could not say enough things about how AMAZE these 2 uniform styles are. #lovelovelovelovelove


More of this fab retro… #TellMeYouAreNotInLove #Amazing




Below is our catalog cover gal, Caitlyn, rocking MotionFLEX.



How adorable is the Rams dress in the middle?!?!


Below is my next favorite uniform. I am in love with the lines on this new uniform, especially with the body liner.  Check out how it caps over the shoulders slightly, almost giving it the look of a short sleeve tee.  *sigh* #Perfection. It was even more gorgeous LIVE on the runway on a girl, rather than a mannequin.


More new neon colors and a new fingerprint pattern in this fan favorite short. 


The classic baseball tee…



That was just a little inside scoop on the new 2012 trends, but stay tuned as I will be breaking down all the styles to watch for in the upcoming weeks! 🙂