Are you looking for new ways to get your crowd on their feet? How about a new set of poms? Poms are a great way to create a visual for your fans to follow. Whether you are flashing your colors, or leading a fight song, poms grab attention and can be seen from afar.

Lawrence Herkimer, the grandaddy of cheerleading, created this mainstay back in the 1950’s. With the introduction of color TV, he wanted to figure out a way for fans tuning in at home to better follow the cheerleader’s routines. Before that, the classic baton had historically been the prop of choice. The original idea was to add colored streamers to the ends of the baton stick. Within a few short years, the pom concept eventually evolved into the rounded evenly cut shape we know and love today.

As the leader in cheerleading apparel and accessories, Varsity ensures our poms are held to a high standard. With 25 traditional vinyl colors and 17 fabulous metallics, the combinations are endless! Customize your visual impact by choosing one of our many sizes options (4-10 inch) all locked in at the same pom-erific price! All of our poms are shed and water resistant. When Varsity poms arrive, they are ready to ROCK out of the box! They are pre-fluffed and game perfect. New design options include our fierce zebra print! That’s right, ZEBRA! Carry that trendy animal print statement from bow to toe with our zebra print bows, socks and NOW poms!

Create some new found excitement on the field this fall. What creative use of signs, poms, or props has your team used to get the crowd’s attention? Tell us about it!