As cheerleaders, we all know that when it comes to shoes, we have needs. We depend on our shoes to protect our feet in the craziest of sideline weather and then to get us through the most intense routines imaginable the very next day. Week after week, month after month, we need cheer shoes that we can rely on. In 2014, Varsity is bringing you FOUR new shoe styles to take your skills, your jumps, and your team to the top. It’s time to figure out which new shoe style is perfectly designed for your team:

Varsity Touchdown
From the sideline to the courtside, this shoe is truly a score for a team that needs rain or shine durability. The Touchdown is specifically designed to bring height, security, and protection to your foot no matter the weather or surface. We don’t always get to pick our ideal sideline surface to cheer on, so when the surface gets tough, the tough chooses the Touchdown.

Varsity Zero Gravity Cheer
As competitive cheerleaders, we train our bodies to soar through the air, so we need cheer shoes that won’t hold us down. This is the lightest cheer shoe in existence, and the breathable mesh lining allows for slip-on sock comfort. Even though the shoe is light, it is designed to protect your arch and heel as you reach new heights. The stunt grooves for grip on the base of the shoe are definitely the cherry on top for this hyper-light competition shoe.

Varsity Last Pass 2.0
The regular Last Pass was SO last year. With a new, lighter, sleek aerodynamic design, this competition-only mat shoe is your secret weapon to taking your skills to the next level. This cutting-edge design gives you the breathable micro-fiber exterior with the beneficial leather to protect your shoe and foot. The footbed is even reinforced to make comfort a priority so you can focus on technique.

Varsity Sole
If comfort and protection are your top priorities, then this new shoe is designed specifically for you. You need a shoe that specifically protects your foot and comforts you even if you’re jumping around for hours at a time. The Sole is engineered for responsive cushioning, traction, and abrasion resistance. This shoe will be as faithful to you as you are to the teams you cheer for.