I had to throw a spotlight on our new re-invented jersey, and NOT because I may or may not have it in my closet, and NOT because I think it is one of the most versatile/comfy/awesome items, but because it is the perfect staple for all ages for a variety of occasions.  😉

Personally, I have worn this before where I have thrown it on with leggings and boots, tennis shoes, lounge pants, and with a pair of jeans.

Though, if you are in the mood for a little customization this getup can be splashed with lettering, logos, etc. …. you name it,  it can be done on this little gem of a shirt.

So I took snaps of this fabulous jersey worn in 4 different ways…

Alexis chose the Jersey in black without lettering and pulled it together with her favorite pair of jeans to head to class…

Hannah customized her red jersey to show her love of Houston Cheer with lettering and layered it on top of a white tank thrown over a pair of leggings. #iheartleggings.

McKenzie also loves the re-invented jersey in black but she wanted to show off her school pride with lettering and her school mascot! She raved that it was a comfy throw on over a tank and leggings to wear to class or lounging around.

Now comes my inspiration to write the article in the first place… I got to work and what did I spot?!?  My co-worker, Molly, wearing the re-invented jersey in dark green with her own leggings paired with her fall boots. #couldshebeanycuter

She is in complete heart with the jersey and admitted to wearing it twice that week!  We totally didn’t even notice since she rocked it in completely different ways. #varsityemployeefashionista

Inspired to make your own creation with the re-invented jersey? Perfect!

SHOP and get yours today and send us pics of your unique way to rock it!  I can’t wait to see it!