Ok guys, so I reaaaalize that Mega Dough isn’t exactly the “trend”  you might have expected to see today, BUT it is necessary to do through fundraising in order to be able to afford all the fun competitions, events, and fashion trends to come.  I decided to make it a trend because we all need to hop on board during this time of year in order to keep up with the upcoming fashions.

Since competition time is raring up, and we have new competitive looks on the brain, that means we need more dolla’s in the bank. So I decided to spotlight one of our popular fundraisers and easy money maker for you! #letsdothis

Let me give you a little break down on how easy this is…

  • You are given a brochure to sell some of the tastiest delights you have ever seen.
  • You give that brochure to your grandparents, friends, neighbors, random people down the street.
  • They open it.
  •  Stomachs growl.
  • Mouths water.
  • They look at your sweet, innocent face.
  • They can’t say no!

BOOM! A sale has happened, you have a happy customer, and YOU have money in your cheer bank!

I mean who can say no to this? #stomachgrowlingalready

So I am pretty sure you have already clicked on that picture, because it made you hungry for chocolate already, huh?

If you need more selling points other than mouth watering photographs, here ya go:

  • Up to 50% profit
  • Free shipping on certain orders.
  • Holidays are around the corner and they make great gifts and desserts for parties.
  • Um….because they are scrumptious/
  • Because they are awesome/ #TooExcited?

So this fundraising trend is really a no-brainer!

Don’t wait any longer to jump on the Mega Dough train! I am seeing new shiny shoes, poms, bodyliners, metallic braid, fabulous bows and possibly a Disney World trip in your near future, so HOP ON IT!

Start fundraising NOW! #BringOnTheDough