I am just oozing competition, competition, competition this month!

Competition season has officially kicked off, and I am eager to see how squads have re-vamped their uniform for the mats. I have talked about the necessary equipment, but I also wanted to highlight the item that almost all teams add to compete… The Bodyliner.

You may remember my previous post about the new 2011 bodyliner styles, but in this post I hit the mats to see how you have been wearing them.

It is amazing how many different styles you can create and how easily a dash of braid gives your uniform a TOTALLY different look.

Adding a bodyliner is the easiest way to give your squad the FIERCE, yet polished look you need, and I might go as far to say (in my opinion) it is a must-have for competition time! I mean, you wouldn’t go to the prom in your pajamas, would you? 😉

Let’s take a look at how teams created their unique bodyliner style and incorporated it into their look…

These cheerleaders keep their look crisp, clean and classic with a solid bodyliner. #lovethislook

Solid Black…

Snazzy Red.

These next schools have added braid and different color panels to the arms of their bodyliner.

You may remember me talking about the new trend of MotionFLEX bodyliners or some squads creating a unique bodyliner as their shell top and competitive look. #apersonalfav

Take a look at how some squads used the same idea…

Send us pics of your competition transformation!