Varsity has gone mod, vintage with this new classic gem!

The new a-line pleated skirt is DEFINITELY going be this year’s hottest new trend. #retroobession

Varsity designers wanted to take an old school classic favorite and spice things up a bit! So their genius brains took a vintage favorite of pleats, with the modern must-have of an aline skirt, and combined them to have this one-of-a-kind look.

I am pretty sure by now you know that I am completely head over for all that is retro, so when I saw this combination of amazingness, I found my new favorite uniform pieces.

How can you go wrong with a modern take on classic pieces?!? Not to mention it is a GREAT way to make your team standout as not only fashion forward, but also as original, which is key in making your squad shine above the rest!

Take a peek at some snaps of the the new a-line pleated skirt and tell me you are not in love! ;)… #amaze

Besides how awesome the front and back of this skirt are, did you notice the new ActionWeave back design on the shell top?! #InsideScoopAlert


This item also has a new ActionWeave halter back design on the shell top… #NewUniformsEverywhere!

Aside from the adorable new skirt, these bodyliners are constructed with our new brushed MotionFLEX fabric. #MoreAboutThatFabricLater

This retro ensemble is MY FAVORITE! So here they are rockin’ not only the new a-line pleated, gem of a skirt, but also the new double brushed polyester cardigan AND the new brushed MotionFLEX bodyliner… #RetroObessessionStrikesAgain

Here is a peek at all 4 new, a-line pleat skirt combo designs for this season…

Contact your Varsity Sales Rep for more information about the a-line pleated skirt!