A Pennsylvania newspaper, the Tribune-Review, recently did an article on cheerleaders and their fashion changes over the years. JoAnne Klimovich Harrop, the article’s author talked to Kim Williams, Vice President of design and catalog for Varsity Spirit Fashion, about the changes in uniforms that have taken place since Varsity started creating and evolving the cheer uniform in the 80’s.

Years ago, the entire uniform — sweater and skirt — was made of wool, Williams says. Over the years, it has evolved into double-knit polyester tops and skirts. In the early ’80s, the trends included blousey pullovers with waistbands, button-down vests, tops with sailor collars and little ties, as well as one-piece jumpers.

Today, Varsity introduces at least 40 new designs every year in the market that previously saw limited choice.

“Other areas have changed, as well,” Williams says. “For instance, lettering. Back in the day, they used chenille letters, and then they started using tackle twill, which is more athletic looking. Advances in design and manufacturing techniques now allow us to offer hundreds of options for customers to personalize their uniforms. We offer lettering with stretch — to move with the garment.”

Needless to say, cheer fashion has changed drastically over the years while still keeping true to tradition thanks to the innovative spirit of Varsity Spirit Fashion.

Read more about the changes in uniforms over the years as well as what some Pennsylvania Area coaches have to say about what they like in their uniforms: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/fashion/2426615-74/uniforms-says-cheerleaders-regional-tuck-franklin-football-jessica-senior-uniform#ixzz272TIhIOn