While watching football this weekend (ok, ok… I was really checking out what the cheerleaders were wearing… sheesh), I was noticing how much gear and equipment the football players have…Shoulder pads, helmets, cleats, pads, footballs, little gloves with fingertips cut out… etc., etc., etc..

My brother began a debate that cheerleaders don’t have any equipment or gear, like we aren’t as serious of athletes or something.  Of course, you can imagine my reaction.  It went something like this…

“Um, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? We TOTALLY have JUST as MUCH gear as those ‘ballers!!!” *insertfinger pointing at my brother, telling him how utterly wrong he is and going on a slight tangent!

So after the debate, I decided to write some posts about our cheerleading “equipment.”

First up in our cheerleading toolbox:  Poms!

When cheering on the sidelines, whether as a fan or an actual cheerleader, it is one of our most essential tools!  With the throw of a single pom, as cheerleaders, we are able to direct and lead the crowd on not only WHEN to yell, but often (depending on the colors of our poms) WHAT to yell!  Fans use them to show their support to yell on their team, and create FANdemonium in the gym or stadium.    (You like how I just made up that word? hehe)

Not only can they be a useful crowd leading tool at games, but we also use these wonderful accessories to top off our competition look, so the judges and crowds can notice our perfectly in sync motions (yeah, you heard me…perfectly in sync).

Poms are such an essential piece of our equipment that we have made several different sizes, colors, widths and grips to suit your exact needs.

First things first, let’s examine some different grips.  Depending on what type of activity you do DURING your games or competition, your team needs to decide what grip is best for your specific needs.  Comfort is always a factor too…at least in my book.  😉


Next up, I took some snapshots of some of my favorites of the the various types of pom poms we have!  Enjoy…

Crowd leading tool in action…



Standing out on the competition mats…



Adding pizazz to her jazz…

Geez, the list goes on and on with what you can do to customize my favorite….err, this tool 🙂

Don’t ya just love the perks from getting cheerleader equipped???  😉 #customizingrocks #cheerleaderforlife

She is totally cheering for cheer equipment (could say “cheer” till blue in face.. #loveit) AND her fab pom poms.  🙂

So now that we have analyzed the first tool out of our cheer gear toolbox, stay tuned while we highlight all the fun parts of our equipment in the next couple days!!

What is your favorite piece of equipment??

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