Part 2 of GET EQUIPPED, Cheerleader Style!

In case you missed my previous post on this subject, here is a quick recap:

My brother, who must live under a rock, stated that footballers have more equipment than cheerleaders. I, who live on top of the rock *wink*, yelled stated that cheerleaders have JUST as much “equipment” as footballers, or any other athlete out there or that matter. So, I decided to do a few posts of showing off the many pieces of cheer equipment we have.

Last week, I focused on shoes and poms, and this week it is: Briefs and Bags!

We, as cheerleaders, all know when you get suited up for game day, the first layer of clothing before all the others is… the Brief. This is a staple, must-have item just like shoes. You can’t cheer without ’em, unless you are sporting leggings or warmups of course. 🙂

So, I have taken snapshots of some different brief styles out there. Just because they are layered under other items, doesn’t mean they can’t be fashion forward and splashed in spirit too!

I have chosen some of our favorite styles and specialty fabrics of tiger lycra, sparkle spandex, motionFLEX, polka dots, paw prints, misty dot and the shiny fabulousness of misty.

First up, the classic cut brief…

Now, some cheerleaders require a little more coverage and…security, if you will, especially when stunting and tumbling. Don’t you worry, we have got you covered…literally 🙂

Check out the Boy Cut Brief…

Now, meet your new best friend who is colorful, stylish, laid back, reliable and depending on the one you get – water resistant. AKA – The Cheer Bag! #BFFL aka #bestfriendsforlife

We know you don’t leave the house without this little guy because he is in charge of protecting and carrying all your necessities. Therefore, we knew this was another MUST for the equipment list. 🙂

These new BFF’s of yours need to be durable while still rockin’ that team pride, SO I took a couple more sneaky snaps of my fav bags of 2011.

I have picked out backpacks, sling packs, messenger totes, duffles and barrel bags all with customizable options, various colors, fabrics, screens, logos and a variety of strap styles. There are also some you can snatch up now *look for word in stock*

Take a look.

Below, they’re totin’ the oxford nylon, heavyweight bag…

So, suit up my friends with bags, poms, shoes and of course, don’t leave home without those briefs!!!

Shop bags and briefs NOW or contact your local REP!!!

Send us pics of your favorite piece of cheerleading equipment!