Well, it’s that time of year!  The school cheer season is winding down, and cheerleaders and dancers are finally getting a slight breather before tryouts begin and the whole cycle starts all over again!

So what does that mean we are preparing for here at Varsity?  SUMMER CAMP, of course!!  With your coaches signing your team up for a Varsity camp this time of year, we’re ready to offer you the cutest, fun, and (of course) most fashion-forward campwear options available!  And let me tell you – the options this year are rocking! 🙂

In case you weren’t aware, Varsity campwear is not only available in stock, but can be custom designed for your team. While at camp, teams need to be able to show off their one-of-a-kind squad pride and Varsity offers the highest number of customizable options. Through no more than four easy steps, your team’s Varsity Rep can help you create a look that is unique to only one team – yours!   Below is what needs to be done to get your own personalized campwear!

  1. Pick a top! With five top styles in fourteen different colors, the basic tee or tank chosen is already on its way to being uniquely yours.
  2. Choose your front and back designs! With twelve lettering styles in either one or two color options, the opportunities are endless. These colors include glitter, prints, solids, or even mesh in over twenty eight options.  And who doesn’t LOVE glitter and prints?? 😉
  3. Choose your mascot! Forty eight mascot options can quickly show your team’s pride on who they cheer for.
  4. Pair your unique tee or tank with matching Varsity shorts, and your team will be ready for camp!

Here are some of my favorite personalized tees and tanks from the 2012 Varsity catalog this year!  Let me know what YOUR favorite is as well with a comment!

Love these fun designs!


How cool are these? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the check-marks!


Of course, I love anything BRIGHT and COLORFUL that states my team!!

Is your team going to make a statement at camp with your customized Varsity campwear?!?  Contact your local Varsity Rep for all the unique options and to design your personalized campwear!