If you’re anything like me, whenever I pack for a weekend competition, I pack my suitcase to cover the attire for a month (including the possibilities of rain, snow, hurricanes, pool days, you name it). But the situation always ends up the same: my suitcase is too small, I panic  for about ten minutes, then I organize a packing list.


So as you get ready to pack, let’s start with the necessities:

  • Uniform – Seriously, don’t be that girl/guy. Pack your competition attire at the top of your suitcase so you can visually confirm that it is there and you can avoid a bus ride of  “What If’s”. Ladies, bring your top and skirt. Guys, bring your top and shorts. If there’s a separate bodyliner, make sure you’ve got it. I would say I’m 110% sure you’ll need those items to compete.
  • Shoes – And if you have multiple cheer or dance shoes, make sure you have a right AND a left shoe. You’re laughing, but it has happened to the best of us.
  • Briefs & Socks – Once again, things could be really awkward for you if you forget these items. When in doubt, pack extras.
    *Extra tip: Did you know you can buy in-stock briefs and socks and get them sent quickly through the Varsity Shop?*
  • Bows – Girls, remember to keep this at the top of your suitcase with your uniform. If you unpack it and it’s wrinkled, you can always use a hair straightener on a low-heat setting to get your ribbon to lay flat.
    *Extra tip: You can ALSO buy in-stock bows through the Varsity Shop to keep just in case you or your teammates need a back-up.*
  • Warm-Ups – Your team looks super tough when you walk into a competition with complete matching warm-ups, so don’t ruin the united look by forgetting it and rocking the “Brought my jacket but casually still wearing my competition skirt in 30 degree weather” look.
  • Team Bag – Don’t forget your team back packs. You’ll need that to carry your water bottle, snacks, warm-ups, and most importantly your phone so you can post a photo of your trophy to all of your friends back home. (Instagram or it didn’t happen, am I right?)
  • Hair & Makeup Supplies – When it comes to make-up, less is more. All you need to shine out on the mat is a little bit of mascara, blush and an awesome shade of red lipstick. When it comes to hairspray, however, more is more. Make sure you bring enough hairspray and bobby pins to keep your hair locked and pinned so it doesn’t fall in front of your face. If you’ve ever attempted to tumble with your hair down, you know that this is important.

Now that you’ve got the necessities covered, you’ll have plenty of room for the little stuff:

  • Travel Size Stain Remover Pen – “I really regret packing my stain remover pen,” said no one ever.
  • Practice Attire – Bring plenty of practice attire. You never know just how many last-minute practices you’ll have the night before competing.
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste – Because your smile is a key accessory to your competition look.
  • Soap/Shampoo/Deodorant – Your teammates will never complain about the person with good hygiene.
  • Everything Else – so use the extra space in your suitcase for anything else you want to bring.

Best of luck this season, everyone! Whether it’s silver, gold, or bronze, I know you’ll look fabulous in it!