Name: Katie Turner
Age: 16 years old
Team: Varsity Cheerleading Team
School: Legacy High School, North Las Vegas, NV

“Let’s go Longhorns!” the cheerleaders yelled as the football team scored its game-winning touchdown. With all of the stunting, jumping and tumbling that cheerleaders do, having a great pair of shoes is a must!

Over the years, cheer shoes have evolved from basic soles with laces to lightweight, flexible and fashionable accessories. The biggest question: how can we provide more endurance and comfort in an athletic shoe? An answer has been found with the recent release of the Varsity Spirit I shoes! With a slim, lightweight grip and a combination of sateen and microfiber, this 3oz shoe is made for cheerleaders’ maximum performance.

Every cheerleader knows that a heavy shoe is never a good shoe. But if you need the support, this shoe has it without the extra weight! Completing tumbling passes has never been easier as this lightweight shoe fits to your foot like a glove. No more feeling weighed down or like you’re walking with bricks. With a unique design unlike any other, this shoe helps to minimize injury as well!

Cheer shoes can be quite difficult to grip during stunts, but with the Varsity Spirit I, there’s no pain or struggle to get your top girl in the air! Positioning your hands on a girl’s shoe can be complicated in that there is no proper grip on the shoe to hold securely. Now, there is! On the back end of the shoe just behind the heel, a notch is strategically placed for the hand to fit firmly while supporting your top. In addition, located on the front of the shoe on the bottom and around the side are smooth yet precise ridges that support the other hand. This makes it easier to grip around the shoe and makes your stunt less likely to drop. Comfort for bases has never been created like this in such a simple format.

Along with weight and grip, another big concern and potential deal breaker is the physical comfort that the shoe provides. Feeling uncomfortable with aching feet and blisters is never a good sign. This is where the Varsity shoe steps in and takes control. Now, with a sole that forms to your foot, it feels as if you are just wearing socks! Breathable sateen inside and out provides a way for heat and sweat to escape, creating a more enjoyable feel. Also, with the notched lacing system, it requires less effort and time to tie your cheer shoe. The notched laces enhance the shoe’s performance capabilities because they actually staying tied and you don’t have to worry about constantly readjusting them. There’s also an elastic band placed above the tongue of the shoe for a flexible fit that allows the tongue stay in place.

Overall, the durability and skill-enhancing features that come together in this fantastic shoe can’t be beat! The price of $65 is totally reasonable when comparing them to other cheer shoes that just don’t do justice to the Varsity Spirit I. As the Varsity brand says, “We know the right shoe is the key to success,” and they couldn’t be more right! These shoes will help lead your team to comfort and success without a doubt!

Thank you, Katie, for your fabulous review. Way to make the sideline your runway!
We wish you the best this season in your fancy footwear!

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