On the Twelfth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me…

... a Warm Up that's as cute as can be! Note: The deadline for entries for today’s giveaway is noon CST! If there really were 12 drummers drumming, they’d be performing a drum roll right now, as we announce our twelfth and final prize package! The NEW PEJ130 Warm Up! Not only are we giving you an item that is brand new to the Varsity [...]

On the Tenth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me…

...a new Vest that's soft and super comfy! We'll bet all ten lords would be leaping if they won today's giveaway! This Polar Fleece Vest is a brand NEW item to the Varsity Shop and the MUST HAVE item of the season! Lined with the warmest fleece around, this vest will keep you warm and toasty through the cold winter months. This vest + our [...]

VSF Spotlight: Varsity Pullovers & Travel Bags

By: Taylor Easton Headed to a competition this season? The latest issue of American Cheerleader magazine has the perfect survival guide for any competition, featuring tips from top coaches around the country, and the best looks to keep your team at the fashion forefront. Buses and planes are notoriously chilly whenever you are traveling, so why not keep your cheerleaders or dancers warm and ready [...]

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