On the Sixth Day of Cheer, The Varsity Shop gave to me… ear warmer and gloves, so I don't freeze! Well there's no denying it, winter is HERE and the cold won't be letting up any time soon! So instead of giving you 6 geese laying eggs, we figured we'd give away something you could really use! We'll go ahead and call today's giveaway your Cold Weather Essentials! Sure to be your be your trusty companions [...]

On the Eighth Day of Giveaways, Varsity Shop Gave to Me…

Spirit Fingers to keep me warm and toasty… …while cheering on the team! These ingenious little gloves are adorned with pom poms on each fingertip so you don’t have to freeze them off while showing your spirit! And who needs those milking maids anyway? We're giving away two pairs of our popular Spirit Fingerz, red and black and red and white. The stretchy gloves are [...]

On the 8th Day of Christmas Varsity Shop Gave to Me…

Spirit Fingerz!!!!! Congratulations to Charlene, from Connecticut! Now Charlene can have spirit down to those finger tips no matter the weather! Personally, I wear my mine to cheer on all my favorite sports teams on game day! #getyourspiriton So put your hands in the air, Charlene, because those fingers are about to be adorned in spirit, spirit, spirit! *If you haven't already, make sure to [...]

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