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Q&A with Varsity Shop Product Developer: Stephanie Bennett

Today, I sat down with Stephanie Bennett, the mastermind behind the Varsity Shop products! She comes up with all of your favorite sweats, tees, bags, hoodies, the infamous neon half zip jacket, and so much more! When you shop at Varsity summer camp stores and national stores, as well as online, this is the woman behind everything you are so excited to purchase there! #DreamJobRight?!? [...]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

SALE ALERT PEOPLE! Okay, sorry for the yelling, but this time of year is when you can score the BEST sales in fall/winter items, so I get a little pumped up when the words SALE start flashing! #Sale=ShopTime The VShop is flashing their New Year's Sale as we speak! #shopshopshopshop Summer camp items, hoodies, shorts and bags are all on a clearance right now.  I [...]

On the 3rd Day of Christmas Varsity Shop Gave to Me…

My all time favorite, retro argyle sock! #ITotallyHaveThese #Cheerleaderforlife Congratulations to Alexis, from Maryland, for snagging spirit down to her toes :) *If you haven't already, make sure to either Join the Shop Squad or update your profile (from the email you received at the beginning of the month) if you are already a member! There are still  TWO more gifts to be given away, [...]

On Trend: Competition Bodyliners

I am just oozing competition, competition, competition this month! Competition season has officially kicked off, and I am eager to see how squads have re-vamped their uniform for the mats. I have talked about the necessary equipment, but I also wanted to highlight the item that almost all teams add to compete... The Bodyliner. You may remember my previous post about the new 2011 bodyliner [...]

Get Equipped: Shoes

Ok peeps! This is Get Equipped PART 2!!! Brace yourself! So next up in our toolbox is, (I think), the most important tool: Shoes! These little gems determine everything. You get the wrong pair of shoes + a blister + slippery soles + no good grips = cheer disaster. When you are stunting, tumbling or cheering your little heart out, you DO NOT have time [...]

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