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On the Twelfth Day of Giveaways, Varsity Shop Gave to Me…

A great pair of shoes and some footies… Note: The deadline for entries for today’s giveaway is noon CST! Enter now! If there really were 12 drummers drumming, they’d be performing a drum roll right now, as we announce our twelfth and final prize package! First, reach your potential with our Varsity Spirit I, our sleek and lightweight, high performance cheer shoe! And to complete [...]

Get Equipped: Shoes

Ok peeps! This is Get Equipped PART 2!!! Brace yourself! So next up in our toolbox is, (I think), the most important tool: Shoes! These little gems determine everything. You get the wrong pair of shoes + a blister + slippery soles + no good grips = cheer disaster. When you are stunting, tumbling or cheering your little heart out, you DO NOT have time [...]

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