Tryouts can be, well, trying. But you can get the confidence you need to ace yours with plenty of practice, preparation, and positive energy! Just as important is presentation – not just your performance, but how you look.

That’s why we asked asked coaches what they look for when choosing their next squad. They agreed on what makes a great first impression:

  • attire that’s clean, wrinkle-free, neat, and appropriate for your routine and school culture
  • hair up and off of face
  • makeup that’s fresh and natural-looking

What doesn’t make the cut?

Jewelry, nail polish, ill-fitting clothes – anything that’s uncomfortable, distracting, or keeps you from being less than absolutely amazing!

To help you ace that tryout look, we’ve put together some looks that are sure to impress!


Look 1


Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5