It’s almost time to spring forward into tryout season, and I am so excited. I know that you’re thinking I’m crazy because what kind of lunatic enjoys trying out? Well you just found her – I LOVE IT. Want to know why? Two words: Tryout Fashion. With nothing but school spirit and gameday glitz and glamour everywhere you look, what’s not to love?

Now, this isn’t amateur hour, so make sure you’re 100% ready for tryouts with the proper attire. Maybe your school requires a specific color shirt/shorts to wear and a specific sized ribbon to match. Make sure you get the scoop on proper tryout attire before showing up. Once you’ve got the essentials, we’ve got you covered to top off your style. The Varsity Shop is at it again bringing you the final missing pieces to your tryout attire. Bring on the bows!

With all new styles of bows available, be ready to be amazed. From chevron to polka dots to squiggly bows, we’ve got the unique bow ready for you to rock the crowd from toe to bow. Choose from lots of color and pattern options to match your outfit perfectly. Don’t just take my word for it, check these beautiful new bows out for yourself. Complete your look with Varsity Bows.