Step 1-2, down 3-4, turn 5-6, Clap 7-8! Sound familiar? It’s camp time!

Be sure to check out all of the UCA, UDA, NCA and NDA 2012 camp mixes on the Varsity Shop! Our camp curriculum is built around the hottest trends in cheer and dance. From crowd appeal to various levels of difficulty and styles, our mixes are bound to get your stands rocking!

Experience features like:

  • Official warm up with voice over instruction
  • Exclusive Varsity music mixes
  • Audio recordings of all your cheer and game day material

With various versions of each mix, you can customize your performance to fit your needs. With so many skills to learn and perfect at camp, the instructional voice overs can be a great material refresher. Whether it’s halftime, a time out, or leading your crowd on the sidelines, our 2012 camp mixes will have you game ready!