Maybe you’re part of a team that can order more than three uniforms a season (lucky duck), but maybe you’re like most teams and need to find a uniform that looks great on the sideline and even better on the competition mat.  No fear, bodyliners are here, and you’ll love all of the options available to compliment your favorite uniform shell top.

Choose a bodyliner base color that matches the top arm of the uniform shell. You can choose to add braiding along the arm to give an appearance that the sleeves and shell are just one piece instead of layered. With the comfortable feel and flex of MotionFLEX your team will be able to tumble, stunt and soar in the air with ease!

The next step to transforming your look from sideline style to competition chic is finding the perfect competition mat shoe. The benefits of this type of shoe are simple – the hyper-light weight of the shoe and sleek slip-on sock comfort of the Zero Gravity or Last Pass 2.0 are perfect for performing your best. The sleek design and reinforced heels will support your team’s feet as they #owntheair.

The cherry on top of a great competition look is trading out the traditional one-inch gameday bow for a little touch of shimmer. Varsity sequin bows and thicker custom bows are perfect for personalizing your original and bold look. With these transforming accessories, you’re officially ready for your team to walk onto the mat in style this season. Best wishes, and leave it all on the mat!