By: Caitlin Cofield

It’s a fact – poms are the must-have accessory for all cheerleaders. They’re important tools for us to get the crowd fired up, so why not take your team’s pom style to the next level?

From colors, to handles, and to patterns, to even combinations – we’ve got the style of quality-made poms you need. Varsity has several new pom designs that will light up the crowd and add some sparkle to your sideline look! Find the perfect pom style to match your team’s look or event:


What kind of look does your team have?

Loyal & Loud: A great way to lead the crowd is to buy a two-colored combination of Vinyl or Metallic Poms for each cheerleader. Each pom can be one of your team’s colors. The combination will help your team lead cheers more effectively. When you yell for one side of the crowd to yell ‘BLUE’ you can wave the blue poms with one hand, then teach the other side to yell “GOLD” with your other hand! The visual cues will make it easy for the crowd to join along! Want all of your colors on every pom for an exciting look? You can do that too!

Trendy & Traditional: For the teams who like to stay ahead, a great way to set trends while staying true to your colors is with Varsity’s brand new Polka Dot Poms! There’s no doubt that this pattern is in right now, and they will match your team’s polka dotted bows perfectly! Want Zebra Poms? We’ve got that look for you too! Even better – you can choose pom strands that alternate with traditional colors to stay loyal to your school colors.

Fashion Firecrackers: Make an even bigger statement with our Fire Poms. This sparkling style is sure to capture everyone’s attention as you get the crowd up on their feet! These are the perfect accessories for heating things up at your next pep rally! You’re a team of showstoppers, and these are the perfect poms to light up the crowd!

Glitzy & Glamorous: Want to keep your traditional school colored poms with just a little pop of glitter? Our Holographic Poms are the new way to stand out while staying true to your school colors. You can combine metallic poms with Radiant Highlights for an extra exciting effect. Whether you want shimmery metallic poms with highlights, or traditional vinyl poms with a hint of sparkle, this style will compliment your new metallic uniforms as you own your next performance.

Edgy & Exciting: And for the grand finale, don’t forget about our Rainbow Poms. These styles are bright and daring, and they’re perfect for your next big pep rally or half-time performance! These glossy, shimmering poms will reflect your uniform colors and the excitement in your smile! Not to mention, they’re a great additional contrast as highlights for traditional poms.

Contact your Varsity Rep today to order yours or just head on over to the Varsity Shop and check out our great selection of in-stock poms!

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