No matter where we live, as the weather continues to change, we face the same battle. What should we wear during this awkward transition between cold and hot weather? Do we keep the long sleeve and sweat the day away, or do we turn into human popsicles braving the windy weather in shorts and a tee? The clear answer is to layer up!

You need to be ready for whatever weather may come your way, so here are your best options. If you’re layering with your uniform, be careful about which colors you match up. Decide as a team to either all wear jackets with your uniform or all wear pants. The most important advice to remember is to make sure that everyone is wearing the exact same combination. You have some freedom with uniform choice when it comes to which jacket to wear. If your team is going to wear uniform pants with your shell top and bodyliner, wear the uniform that has the bodyliner that matches the pants color best. This is your best option for a sleek team look.

As basketball season is finishing up and you’re searching for the perfect gameday attire to wear to school, wear your warm-up with a contrasting school colored t-shirt and bow. For example, if your colors are royal blue and gold and your warm-up is royal blue, wear a gold tee with a gold bow to tie the whole look together. Also, decide as a team if it looks better to tuck the tee in or leave it out so everyone looks put together. Depending on dress-code, leggings are a great way to win against whichever temperatures are coming your way.

When it comes to practice, be sure to bring extra shorts or leggings if you’re worried about getting too hot or cold while you practice. No matter what, keep your warm-ups and bodyliners in your cheer bag at all times, so your team can change and adjust to temperature changes as needed!