Using sunscreen on your face is a must.  For normal daytime exposure the sunscreen in your face lotion or BB Cream should suffice, but for long daytime games, practices and camps you should have something a higher spf.  Look for face formula’s that say “sheer” or “dry feel” so you can comfortably use them under your makeup.  If your skin is sensitive, avoid products with Avobenzone and Oxybenzone.

Foundation and Concealer:

Putting your best face forward can be tricky.  You want to cover blemishes, but still look fresh faced, not caked.  Try a lightweight foundation, BB Cream, or Tinted Moisturizer that gives you a sheer glow all over.  Then go back with a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover blemishes and under eye circles.  Blend with a concealer brush or tap with your finger.   Avoid going too dark with your foundation even if your body is tanner.   The result can look muddy.  Opt for a sheer bronzer on the outer sides of the face to help bridge the color gap.  Finish with a light dusting of powder with a large fluffy brush.


Choose a clear pink or peach powder blush without too much brown or mauve and apply just to the front fleshy part of your cheeks.  Avoid too much of the sides of your face back toward your ears.  The trick to getting a no-streak application; dab your brush in a translucent powder first to diffuse the color once applied.  One or two taps on the blush then blend on the face.  Repeat till you have the desired look.


Eyeliner needs to stay put during long games.  Too much under the eye and in the waterline can look messy by the end of the day. (Or game)  Opt for a waterproof formula gel liner only on the top lid. The best way to learn this is with a hand held mirror and a little practice.  Grab a tiny paintbrush from the craft store and paint a thin line from inner lash to outer. Load your brush with a small amount of gel, using the inside of the cap as a little palette to brush off excess…then looking down into the mirror, paint in dashes from inner corner to out.  Have a q-tip close by to catch any mistakes before the dry.   You can always dust a little dark eye shadow over the top to smooth out the line and make it look flawless.  Finish with a soft gray or brown waterproof pencil under the bottom lashes then smudge it out with your finger.  The result is just a thicker lash line on the bottom, not a harsh line.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow doesn’t have to be complicated.   Glitter and glimmer has its place but keep it to a minimum or you risk looking like a circus performer.  Choose natural matte colors all over the eye.  Accent the brow bone with a medium brown.  Then add a little shimmer to the center of the lid or the brow.  Less is more.


The popular look for mascara these days is big, bigger, biggest.  With all this black…the eyes can get lost.  For game day and school, consider using two coats on the top lashes only. Too much underneath looks makes your eye makeup look  heavy and drags your look down in photos.  Invest in a lash comb to help sweep those clumps away and replace that tube once a month!


Pinks, Peaches, Gloss, Shimmers…these are flattering approachable options to complete the fresh faced All American look.  Grab a longwearing color for game day if you tend to wear it off, but most are too drying for everyday.  Leave the bright, matte, fuchsia and red for later.

Taken from American Cheerleader