… a Warm Up that’s as cute as can be!

Note: The deadline for entries for today’s giveaway is noon CST!

If there really were 12 drummers drumming, they’d be performing a drum roll right now, as we announce our twelfth and final prize package!

The NEW PEJ130 Warm Up! Not only are we giving you an item that is brand new to the Varsity Shop, we’re also giving it to you in a brand new color, DARK GREEN! How’s that for a little holiday cheer?

In this Jacket, you’ll be cool weather and travel ready ALL winter long! It also transitions perfectly from football to basketball season!

And, it wouldn’t be a complete Warm Up if we only gave you the jacket! So, we’re also throwing in the coordinating Warm Up Pants! In one giveaway, you will have a whole new outfit. Doesn’t get much better than that!

To enter, just go to our little Punchtab box below. You can enter several different ways.

Until next year, CHEERS!