…an ear warmer and gloves, so I don’t freeze!

Well there’s no denying it, winter is HERE and the cold won’t be letting up any time soon! So instead of giving you 6 geese laying eggs, we figured we’d give away something you could really use! We’ll go ahead and call today’s giveaway your Cold Weather Essentials!

Sure to be your be your trusty companions all winter long, our ear warmer and MotionFLEX® gloves are just what you need to stay warm and toasty! Not to mention, they make pretty cute accessories as well! Pair your red ear warmer and green gloves together and show your holiday spirit!

If you’ve been here before, then you know the drill. Just visit our handy little Punchtab box below and you’ll be one step closer to winning today’s giveaway prize!

We know you want to know what fabulous prizes we have in store for you tomorrow! Well we can’t exactly tell you, but it’s on your doll’s Christmas list this year!

Try to guess and check back tomorrow for the right answer!