…a NEW Varsity Novel for me to read!

Turtle doves are SO 1780. So, we’re giving you a gift more suited for the present day with our second giveaway prize, Game On: A Varsity Novel written by Melanie Spring!

Enter into the world of high school cheerleading and follow the fun and drama as the Northside High JV squad makes its journey to Nationals in this first book in a new series by Varsity and Poppy.

This book does come with a warning though. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to STOP! So, find a comfy spot, make yourself a hot chocolate and allot yourself plenty of time to read. It’s perfect for the holiday break!

If you joined us yesterday, you know the drill. If not, just visit our helpful little Punchtab box below. It will walk you through all the ways to enter and takes about as long as a turtle dove’s coo.

And, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our next giveaway! Trust us; you’re going to love it. If you just can’t take the anticipation, here’s a hint: They’re fun to collect, but even more fun to trade. Go ahead, go to shop.varsity.com and try to find the prize!