…a red Cheer Anklet, and a Zebra Sock that went up to my knee!

We don’t know about you, but we sure are glad we’re not giving away 4 MORE birds! Who has room for 10 birds anyways? Just imagine the yapping, flapping, and little NOT so little messes…OH, the horror!

These super stylish and super comfy socks, on the other hand, take up little room and there’s no training required. Simply wear them, then throw in the dirty clothes hamper when it’s time to get them clean. Voil√†, your job is done! We couldn’t think of a better soft and cuddly companion!

Our Holiday Spirit Sock Set includes one green pair of our Cheer Anklet Socks, and one red pair of our Zebra Tube Socks. Spice up your boring old sock drawer with this set of festive and stylish Varsity Socks!
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Until tomorrow, CHEERS!