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Show Some Love to Your Varsity Uniform & Shoes ❤

As a cheerleader, my typical competition days have always been filled with several traditional and somewhat superstitious preparation tools. And yes, most of these habits revolve around food and/or makeup. To fuel up to compete, I start my morning with a fast food chicken biscuit and sweet tea – so nutritious right? Then, I brush my teeth and proceed to put on tons (and I [...]

Varsity Style: Bring the Heat in Polar Fleece

Baby, it’s Cold Outside!  From Instagram to Facebook, I‘m fairly certain that every single person I know has posted a #SnowDay photo or complaint status in the past 24 hours about this cold winter weather. Unless you’re from sunny Florida, you’re probably sitting at your computer like I am right now, shivering and daydreaming about summertime. Well, have no fear this season because we’re turning [...]

Coaches Corner: Fall Edition

For many coaches, this time of year brings annual performances for activities such as rallies, homecomings, rival games and competitions. These performances often take up coveted hours of practice, time, and energy. If you’re looking to lighten the mood during crunch time, how about a themed practice! Get creative. Forget the concept of just costumes, think deeper. Have your theme send a message. How about [...]

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